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Spring Book Preview 2022

It’s a big season for new fiction.

How writers can cope with a long, dark winter spent indoors

Need a winter reset? Here are tips for looking after your mental health, filling your creative stores, and passing the many hours until spring arrives … Read More “How writers can cope with a long, dark winter spent indoors”

On finding confidence as a new writer

In what other endeavor in life are we so preoccupied with whether something is “good” right out of the gate … Read More “On finding confidence as a new writer”

Writing Prompts

 It seems like protagonists get all the love – literally. But doesn’t the villain in your story deserve a little romance, too? Write … Read More “Valentines for villains”

  Write a love story about two members of the undead.   For more inspiration, visit our database of writing prompts … JS BLACK LEATHER BIKER JEANS SIZE 14 - WAIST 30 INCHES/INSIDE LEG 32 INCHES

Write about the very first snowfall you can remember.&nbsp … Read More “Winter writing prompt: First snow”


2022 Essay Contest

Submit your best work of nonfiction in 2,000 words or less for your chance to win.